What is a Spinal Injury?

The spinal has got vital nerve cells that send messages from the brain to the muscles, skin and other body organs. These cells also send sensations form the body to the brain for example, pain, temperature, texture and etc; a person with spinal injury will experiences loss of sensation and movement below the point of the injury. Spinal injury means damage of the spinal cord either from a traumatic injury such as a motor accident or non-traumatic injury such as a tumour, haemorrhage and blood clot.

Common symptoms and Risks

The duration of this loss including its extension all depends on the injury’s nature; if there’s a minor damage or if the injury is partial that means that the movement and sensation will return but it could take up to two years or more but if the damage is totally summed in, the loss of functionality is likely to be permanent.

Paralysis and increase is loss of feeling increases the chances of:

getting injuries from uncontrolled muscle spasm, stroke from sudden surges in blood pressure, Hypothermia (Lower body temperature) and hypothermia (Higher body temperature); the body is unable to carry out the perspiration process.

Support to stay well

SSCN Health Care UK provides experienced and well-trained staff that are dedicated to maintain your quality of life. We make a specialised care plan with you and it’s the same plan that allows us to focus on realistic goals that you want to achieve. These may include the following.

Support with rehabilitation to get your independence and as well as your normal day to day life back into your control. Emotional or social support to keep you connected to the people that you hold dear in your life. Assistance with routine household chores and shopping so that your life at Home is exactly what you want it to be as. Making sure that you have a balanced diet and plenty of fluids with enough fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fibre for roughage and to keep you healthy as well avoiding constipation respectively. Continence and Catheter Care management to maintain your comfort and dignity. A good morning start to the day, bathing and dressing to keep you looking smart and at your best. Reminding you to take your medicine to manage your symptoms and pains.

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SSCN Health Care UK provides an outstanding quality of support as well as creative care plans as Homecare to keep you comfortable and safe in your own home. SSCN Health Care is a Reliable Service Provider; Our services are provided and tailored to individual needs 24/7. In Scotland SSCN is a nationwide care provider of Domiciliary also known as Homecare.

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